Collection: Modern Ketubahs

Make a timeless tradition part of your contemporary wedding
with a modern Ketubah

 Ketubahs have a deep and rich history. This timeless
tradition has evolved in today’s Jewish culture and many modern couples find
meaning in this ceremonial custom. Read on to learn about modern Ketubahs and
how to incorporate this tradition into your wedding.

The importance of Ketubahs in modern times

The custom of a Ketubah began thousands of years ago to
protect women. This marriage contract was designed to ensure that men knew
their obligations toward their wives and that women were aware of their rights.
While obligations and rights may have changed over the centuries, this idea is
still very relevant today. Couples may find it very meaningful to encapsulate
their commitment and vows to each other in a modern Ketubah.

Today Ketubahs can be modernized by including contemporary
that speaks to the couple or through its style and design. Couples can
choose modern artists or motifs to decorate their Ketubah according to today’s
fashion and tastes.

The evolution of Ketubah design

Decorating Ketubahs is an ancient tradition. When Ketubahs
were first integrated into Jewish law, the rule was that a couple could only
live together if the woman was in possession of the couple’s Ketubah. To ensure
the Ketubah was never lost, couples would hang it on their wall and thus
couples enlisted artists so their Ketubahs would not only be safe, but they
would also be beautiful and pleasant to look at day after day.

Traditional Ketubah designs might focus on Jewish symbols
such as the star of David, hamsas (a five-fingered palm of a hand), depictions
of Torah stories, or imagery of Jerusalem. Modern styles might include
different interpretations of these same symbols or might incorporate elements
of modern art.

Modern Ketubahs can also be customized according to the
couple’s tastes. While this might have been expensive in the past, modern technology
allows for any couple to get a papercut
or a digital print of a piece of art.

Modern Ketubah design trends

Modern Ketubah designs are aligned with contemporary
artistic styles. Many modern Ketubahs include abstract, minimalist, or even
mixed-media designs. Artists might also include meaningful quotes or words that
encapsulate modern relationships. There are many Israel artists and others
around the globe who focus on modern Ketubah artwork.

 Here are a few common contemporary art trends that are
influencing Ketubah design:

• Calming pastels and neutrals provide peace and serenity to viewers.

• Textured and 3D art, often done by papercutting, can symbolize the depth and meaning of a Ketubah.

• Bold colors and street art can convey social or personal messages and provide unique perspectives.

• Abstract and nature motifs are very subjective and intuitive, allowing for freedom of expression and interpretation.

Couples might choose to add personal details or
illustrations to their modern Ketubahs. For example, the couple’s names or a
picture of them can be incorporated into the artwork.

How to choose a modern Ketubah

When choosing a modern Ketubah you should first think about
your artistic tastes. If you have something in mind, you might be able to
narrow your search. Otherwise, you can simply browse modern Ketubahs on online
marketplaces to see what designs speak to you.

When choosing a modern Ketubah it is important to consider
your budget and the artistic medium. If you are on a budget, you might consider
a Ketubah created by modern technology that fully captures aesthetic designs.
This could include laser cut papercut Ketubahs or digital prints of unique

It is important to begin your search for your Ketubah early.
You want to allow plenty of time to make your decision, and you might also need
to account for customization and shipping.

Incorporating your modern Ketubah into your wedding

Your Ketubah is an integral part of your wedding ceremony.
Before your wedding ceremony can commence, your Ketubah
signing ceremony
must take place. The Ketubah is generally signed at an
intimate gathering before the wedding. Modern couples may choose to include
close family and friends in this ceremony. This will be the guests’ first look
at the Ketubah and will give people a chance to appreciate the document’s

Once the Ketubah is signed it will be presented during the
wedding. Some couples choose to frame and display their Ketubah for the guests to
view during their celebration. Incorporating your Ketubah into your wedding
décor is a great way to honor this Jewish custom.

Your Ketubah is a lasting symbol of the commitment and love
between you and your partner. Once your wedding is over, this document will
serve as a constant reminder of the vows you’ve promised.

Find the right
modern Ketubah for you

Your Ketubah is meant to symbolize your marriage and
therefore it should match your style and tastes. It’s important to choose a
design that you will love for a lifetime. works with talented artists to create
unique modern Ketubahs. Browse our available options or let us know how we can
help you find the perfect design for you.