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Wedding Ketubah

Ketubah. Venice, Italy. 1732

Ketubah. Venice, Italy. 1732

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  • Museum-quality reproduction of  the  Venice, Italy Ketubah  from the year 1732
  • Made possible and with much thanks to The National Library of Israel. "Ktiv" Project. 
  • Size 18 x 14 
  • Please note that the print does not include a frame 
  • Custom text included 
  • Delivered 2 weeks after the Ketubah text is confirmed   
  • This item ships free 

Introducing our meticulously crafted replica of the 1732 Venice Ketubah, a timeless piece of Jewish heritage and art. This stunning ketubah allows you to personalize the text, making it a unique and meaningful addition to your wedding ceremony.

This historical ketubah is adorned with intricate drawings of the Sanctuary vessels, displayed in four medallions at the corners of the frame. These artistic representations symbolize the hope for the renewal of the Temple service in Jerusalem, continuing an ancient tradition of Jewish decorative art.

From the first centuries C.E., the Sanctuary vessels and Temple rituals formed the foundation of Jewish art in Eretz Yisrael and beyond, gracing mosaics in early synagogues, ceramic candle holders, coffins, pillars, and glass vessels. This preoccupation with Jerusalem and the Temple persisted into the medieval era, evident in Hebrew manuscripts from Egypt, Spain, Germany, and Italy, where the Sanctuary vessels symbolize the longing for Israel's redemption, the return to Zion, and the restoration of Temple services.

Our Venice 1732 Ketubah embraces this rich history, reminiscent of 18th-century ketubot where the Sanctuary vessels were intricately woven into the twelve zodiac signs encircling the text. Each vessel, drawn from the Book of Exodus, is labeled within the medallions: "the laver and its base" (Exodus 30:18), "the candelabra and its vessels" (Exodus 25:31), "the ark of the cherubim" (Exodus 25:10), and "the showbread" (Exodus 25:30).

By choosing our Venice 1732 Ketubah, you are not only honoring a piece of Jewish history but also creating a cherished keepsake for your special day. Personalize this exquisite ketubah with your own text and make it a testament to your love, faith, and cultural heritage.

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Ketubah. Venice, Italy. 1732

We had a great experience with Josh who helped us with our Ketubah. He had a fast response time, helped communicate with a tight deadline, and really was super helpful in the process. Thanks, Josh! We love the finished product.